Kesha Forced to Honor Record Contract Despite Abuse

Gabrielle Inhoffe
February 26, 2016 9:00 AM


UK Government to Expose Employers with Unequal Pay

While the U.S. is still playing tinker toys with gender pay equality, Great Britain is getting its act together. Its recently published gender pay regulations aim to force transparency; by 2018, private sector employers (with 250 or more employees) will be required to report gender pay gap stats. (It was supposed to be required by October this year, but we’ll save our ire for later.) Such information will include difference in mean and median pay between genders, the number of men and women per salary quartile, and bonuses. In Great Britain, women currently earn about 80 pence for every pound a man makes, even though it is illegal under the Equal Pay Act for men and women to receive disparate pay for the same job. (Wanna check up on how much women  of color earn?) Ann Francke, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, says, “Transparent reporting of pay at every level will tackle the ‘glass pyramid’ that stifles potential and productivity in business.”

British workers are about to gain some pounds. 

South Dakota Republicans Attack Transgender Bathroom Rights

Apparently South Dakota is so boring that its Republican lawmakers are spearheading some twisted legislation to keep themselves entertained. Last week, the South Dakota state senate passed a bill banning transgender students from using restrooms in accordance with their gender identity. The author of the bill, State Representative Fred Deutsch, says, “The primary purpose of the bill is to protect the physical privacy of students from having to expose themselves, or be exposed to others, when in a state of undress or nakedness while at school or school functions.” Someone’s been reading too much Carrie. The bill will now go to Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard, whom we’re guessing will choose to sign it, given that he seems to categorize transgender people amongst leprechauns and other mythical creatures. “I have not met a transgender person that I’m aware of,” he says. Congratulations on passing legislation regarding an issue you admit you’re completely ignorant about—not to mention making puberty (through adulthood) harder than it already is. (Cue the scene where they spill a bucket of pig’s blood.)

What a bunch of pottymouths… 

Kesha Forced to Honor Record Contract Despite Abuse

A Manhattan Supreme Court ruled that Kesha – the glitter-filled free spirit, wild child that makes your aunt dance when she's had too many wine coolers – must uphold her contract with Sony despite the fact that her manager drugged, raped, and abused her for ten years. Justice Shirley Kornreich said breaking the contract would cause Sony to suffer irreparable harm (Um, and what about harm inflicted on the artist?). Kesha's attorney made it clear – keeping her at Sony will undoubtably cause problems for her and her success. Dr. Luke, a powerful producer in a slimy business, didn't get to where he is now because of scruples. It's not likely that Kesha's work will receive the attention and promotion that it deserves, and there is no guarantee that she will be free of his intimidation. @BrandonEvrs said it brilliantly: "The fact that Chris Brown still has a thriving music career but Kesha won't be able to record speaks volumes about our society."

In support of Kesha, fans are boycotting Sony and tweeting with the hashtags #StandWithKesha and #FreeKesha.

“If a woman is frosty or standoffish or doesn’t laugh at your joke, consider the notion that maybe she is not an uptight, humorless bitch, but rather has had experiences that are outside your realm of understanding, and have adversely colored her perception of the world."

– Laura Munoz's open letter to the men she loves,about men who scare her.


Breaking news: being respected in the office boosts output! A recent study led by Dr. Muhammad Ali has revealed that workplaces with a breadth of family-friendly policies and high gender diversity have the highest productivity rates. (Let’s just hope everyone’s receiving equal pay.) For non-management staff, productivity was measured based on operating revenue, and for management staff, earnings before interest and tax were used as the productivity measure. Dr. Ali says, “A gender-diverse workforce (one which employs equal numbers of men and women) may experience greater market insight, creativity and innovation, and improved problem-solving which leads to gains in productivity and earnings.” Big surprise: women contribute more to the office than just making coffee. 

It's too bad we grew up as non-millenials, when diversity was a brown-haired Barbie doll (Shout out to Teresa!). Today, a growing number of companies are designing kids’ apps aimed at including girls and minorities. Raul Gutierrez, the CEO ofTinybop—which creates science-based apps for kids, says, “Science is neutral, it’s not specific to gender.” Kudos to Tinybop for encouraging women and minorities in STEM fields. (Equal opportunity nerdiness?) And for its Robot Factory game, Tinybop selected a green icon instead of a gendered color. Meanwhile, kids’ app developer Toca Bocahas created the Toca Hair Salon app, where kids style hair, a traditionally gendered activity with an emphasis on beauty. But in this salon, it’s all about creativity and diversity, and the salon’s customers include some with ambiguous genders. Play on, non-conformist children!  

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