freelancers: how to pitch feminist weekly
What is Feminist Weekly? Feminist Weekly is a new kind of news website made for and by feminists. We produce stories for those who are interested in radically reconceptualizin gpower and privilege, and who want to draw attention to the often overlooked aspects of a news story. Feminist Weeklyi s the first feminist news site to expand “feminism” beyond women’s interest stories – offering an intersectional, feminist, critical lens on issues of race, sexuality, politics, war, (post)colonialism, capitalism, policy,technology, media, health, and more.

The basics: Feminist Weekly publishes daily news stories online, with a weekly story roundup delivered to feminist email inboxes, everywhere. Our topics span across global affairs, health and wellness, career and entrepreneurship, family and relationships, sports and entertainment, science, politics, economics, culture,history, and more. Our stories explore the hidden power dynamics that shape and are shaped by historical and current events. 

How we write: Feminist Weekly is a solidaristic publication dedicated to the most marginalized in our societies. We believe that accountability, responsibility, and radical interdependency is necessary to see transformation in our world, and we illustrate this in the stories we choose, how we write, and what we publish.Our articles take a non-explanatory-comma approach to illustrates to our readers that this publication is for us. 

What we publish: We tell stories that have yet to be told, or provide a provocative lens on stories that have been told in the interests of the most powerful. We particularly look for pieces that interrogate power dynamics of commonly heralded technological, medical, political, or capitalistic solutions to societal problems. 

What we’re looking for: Feminist Weekly is currently accepting pitches for short-form and long-form articles.Short-form articles should span 500-800 words and focus on: reviews, Q&As,short profiles, op-eds, and brief histories. Long-form features should range from 1,500-4,000 words and present a deeper dive into any given subject area. We are also accepting photo essay pitches, along with photography and illustration portfolios that we can consider for specific upcoming assignments. Photo essays should include captions and showcase a strong storyline through the images. 

How to pitch us: To send a pitch to FeministWeekly’s editorial team, email your idea to resham@feministweekly.com with the phrase “story pitch” in the subject line. Pitches should be no longer than 200 words and adhere to the guidelines outlined above. In your email, please include a brief summary of your qualifications and links to at least three published clips. Photo essay submissions should also include a downloadable link to the final images you wish to include in the photo essay(no attachments, please).